Vancouver Office:
Hycroft Building
101-3195 Granville St.
(2nd floor)
(at 16th Ave.)
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3K2
Ph. 604 732 5991
Fax 604 733 0950

Coquitlam Office:
Denis Boyd and Associates
202 -1046 Austin Avenue
Coquitlam, BC
V3K 3P3
Ph. 604 931 7211
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Clinical Experience

January 2004-January 2006: Assessment psychologist, M. Jackson Group , New Westminster, B.C. Assessments of personality, psychopathology, vocational interests and aptitudes, neuropsychological assessments,

Sept. 2003-present: Clinical Instructor, Postgraduate Studies, Department of counseling Psychology, University of British Columbia .

Nov. 2002-present: Psychotherapist, Brookstone Health Services , Vancouver B.C. Private practice psychotherapy/counseling with individual adults, couples and adolescents; some assessment. This office is located within the Hycroft Building at 7th and Granville, serving Vancouver since 1927.

April 1996-present: Affiliate Psychologist, Denis Boyd and Associates , Coquitlam, B.C. This is a large and established group private practice serving Coquitlam and surrounding areas, established for twenty years. Numerous local family physicians refer to us. I do psychotherapy/counseling with individual adults, adolescents and couples, and some assessment. I have extensive experience with anxiety disorders, depression, relationship counseling, and a full range of general practice problems. I have special experience and skills in working with personality disorders, and am routinely referred such clients by other members of this large group practice (seven psychologists, four counsellors).

April 1999-July 2003: Half-time psychologist position, Gastown Vocational Services . This job entailed assessments of personality, psychopathology and cognitive functioning in psychiatric patients seeking to become job-ready. Psychological assessments were integrated with vocational assessments by Occupational Therapists to produce vocational recommendations for clients. I supervised six consecutive Master's and Doctoral students in both Clinical and counseling psychology; they completed three-to-six-month, one-day-per-week practica in assessment at GVS.

Sept. 2001-June 2003: Psychotherapist, Moberly Medical Clinic , Vancouver, B.C. Private practice psychotherapy/counseling with individual adults and couples; some assessment. One half day per week.

October 1996-present: Clinical Associate, Clinical Psychology Centre, Simon Fraser University . Hour-for-hour therapy supervision of clinical psychology graduate students. I have supervised a series of students on cases.

September 2000-June 2001: Clinical Psychologist, HealthSmith Community Medical Clinic . HealthSmith was an integrated health care setting where medical, chiropractic, psychotherapeutic, massage therapy, acupuncture and other health services were offered. The clinic closed June 2001.

March 1997-March 1999: Clinical Psychologist, Integrative Personality Program, Vancouver Hospital . I was part of a small team of professionals who designed and conducted a specialized group therapy program for people with severe personality disorders. Work included group psychotherapy, coping skills training, assessment, and consultation with and education of other professionals. While in that position I was also Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia.

Oct. 1994-Feb.1997: Psychologist, Forensic Psychiatric Institute, Port Coquitlam, B.C. Responsibilities included assessment (fitness to stand trial, personality/ psychopathology, malingering, neuropsychology), treatment (group and individual psychotherapy, behavior therapy), training (of Master's level graduate students in Clinical Psychology; Institute staff), research and administration.

Sept. 1993-August 1994: Predoctoral internship, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, Toronto . Two full-year rotations: General Adult Psychiatry and Family Court Clinic. The first rotation required assessment and individual therapy of general adult psychiatric patients. The Family Court Clinic rotation entailed Young Offender assessments, family treatment for (usually conduct disordered) young offenders, assessments for a research project on juvenile arson, and Custody and Access assessments. The internship included weekly didactic seminars on selected topics, group clinical supervision, case conferences, and individual supervision.

May 1988-August 1993: Group and individual therapist, Vancouver Sex Offender Program, Correctional Service of Canada . For more than five years I led two to three groups of paroled federal sex offenders per week, with supervision from Dr. Ken Murray and later Dr. Peter Hotz. In addition I saw each client individually at least once per month. The goals were relapse prevention, therapeutic support and monitoring. Duties included regular written and live reports to parole officers.

Oct.-Dec. 1992: Group and individual therapist, Jackson-Murray Consultants Inc . I was part of a four-person treatment team offering a nine-week psychoeducational treatment package for persons with eating disorders.

Sept. 1991: Therapist, Dr. Kenneth Murray and Associates . Individual treatment with two Native men from Northern B.C. who came to Vancouver for therapy two and three times a week for four weeks. Supervision: Dr. Murray.

Jan. 1987-Aug. 1993: Therapist, Simon Fraser University Clinical Psychology Clinic . Long term psychotherapy with three male adult clients with hour-for-hour supervision. Various supervisors, including J. Marcia, Ph.D., R.G. Ley, Ph.D., and Sharon Driscoll, M.S.W.

May 1987-Sept. 1988: Psychological assistant (half-time), Geriatric Division, Riverview Hospital . Neuropsychological assessments and behaviour management interventions. Supervision: Dr. Kim McEwan and Dr. Stephen Holliday.

Sept.-Dec. 1987: Group co-leader and clinical researcher, Lions Gate Hospital . Co-led a stress management group for young adult diabetic patients who had trouble managing the diabetes, twice monthly with a medical social worker. Collected and analyzed research data on outcomes. Supervision: Irene Lytle, M.S.W., and David Cox, Ph.D.

September-December, 1986: Volunteer Crisis Worker, Vancouver Crisis Centre . Supervision: Dan Stone, M.A.

September-December 1984: Psychological Assistant, Psychology Department, General Hospital, Health Sciences Centre, St. John's, Newfoundland . Assessments and behavior therapy in a general hospital adult psychiatric ward. Supervision: Dr. Chris Bilsbury.

September 1983-April 1984: Clinical Psychology Trainee, Memorial University counseling Centre, St. John's, Newfoundland . Individual vocational assessments, vocational counseling, personal counseling and group assertiveness training. Supervision: Dr. George Hurley and Dr. Elaine Davis.

September 1983-April 1984: Clinical Psychology Trainee, Memorial University Psychology Clinic . Behaviour therapy with individual clients and participated as cotherapist in group behavioral treatment for agoraphobia. Supervision: Dr. Andree Liddell.

May-August 1983: Clinical Psychology Trainee, Psychology Department, General Hospital, Health Sciences Centre, St. John's, Nfld . Assessment and behavior therapy on a general hospital adult psychiatric ward. Supervision: Dr. Chris Bilsbury.

July-August 1982: Behavior modifier, Direct Home Services, St. John's, Newfoundland . Trained the families of developmentally delayed children to use behavior modification techniques to enhance the childrens' ranges of functioning.

Sept. 1980-May 1981. Crisis worker, Toronto East General Hospital . Walk-in and phone line crisis counseling.