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Business & Executive Coaching

New Affordable Offer: Business/Executive Coaching with Psychologist Dr Simon Hearn.

Having trained in and practiced psychotherapy for 35 years, your humble psychologist is applying his skills in a new arena. I have been undergoing training through the College of Executive Coaching, California, toward becoming a certified Business/Executive Coach.

Business or Executive Coaching differs from psychotherapy, in that it addresses career issues in the present and future, and doesn’t treat symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. Business Coaching also differs from Life Coaching, in that it has to do with flourishing in the workplace.

Coaching is about helping you make your mark career-wise, while still leaving space to enjoy satisfying personal relationships and to breathe.

The Manchester Consulting Group conducted a study designed to examine the effects executive coaching had on an organization's profit and loss. 86% of executives and 74% of stakeholders reported being "very satisfied" or "extremely satisfied."

Coaching may be about examining your goals, and basing your work life on your most precious personal values. An opening question: If you took one step today toward your envisioned future, what would be most meaningful?

The coach might ask you to talk about a time in your life when you were very energized, hopeful, and excited. What was going on, who was involved, and what was it that made you feel so enriched by that experience? Would you enjoy it if we could bring something like that type of energy and satisfaction back through our coaching work together?

A coach can help ensure you stick to career targets. The process may also examine work relationships, team, or corporate organizational problems. Coaching may help you challenge “self-derailing” work behaviours.

The coach may assist with strategies for coping with competitiveness, favouritism and other “office politics” situations; or address fears around confidence and confronting negative evaluations. He can be a mentor, who provides long-term support and guidance. Having a reliable, strong confidant can be a major performance booster.

A coach may can also help you develop Your Own Board of Directors, and may steer you to useful books and resources, such as Who’s Got Your Back, by Keith Ferrazzi.

Other possible issues: In my work, what new knowledge do I need? How can I become more competent? How can I be a leader, or a better leader? What are my best learning environments? Who are my best teachers and mentors? (Hudson and Mclean, Lifelaunch, 1995).

Sessions can be done by phone, Skype or in person, and half hour sessions are possible. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact Dr. Simon Hearn at 604 732 5991, or at, to book a trial coaching session.

To read more about my coaching, visit this link.


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